THE POWER OF SLOW - production

It is impossible to rush Nature: This is where creating the best takes time. No shortcuts are made – behind every Quarnero product, there is a deep respect for the natural cycles of growth, harvest and transformation. We believe in getting ‘back to basics’ where ‘less is more.’All Quarnero products are handmade in small batches; this is during the New Moon phase when the natural energies of regeneration and rebirth are at their strongest. Oils and salts are made with the ‘music of the plants’ as the backdrop. This transforms the production process into a healing ritual for everyone involved.

As a result, Quarnero oils and salts are as close to Nature as possible, where the body can instantly recognise and respond to the biodynamic plant actives, which accelerate its own power of regeneration.


GIVING BACK TO NATURE - sustainability

All our Quarnero products have the prized certification from NATRUE, International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association, an organisation committed to promoting and protecting global natural and organic cosmetics. We are organic certified and suitable for vegans and members of The Vegan Society.
All products are packed in Miron violet glass jars that act as a barrier preventing the loss of bioenergy, enzymes and active ingredients, making the use of any preservatives unnecessary.
None of our formulations or final products are tested on animals. They are GMO-free and contain absolutely no artificial ingredients of any kind.
Our business is founded on an ethos to create a positive ecological impact on our local community and to preserve the natural environment for the next generation. This is our legacy.
Your decision to invest in our products means the world to us. It will allow us to continue our work and explore new therapeutic remedies in tandem with Mother Nature herself.